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Waxing Etiquette



Please discuss any allergies or sensitivities beforehand, no matter how trivial you think they are.

I only use latex free gloves in my salon, and organic based waxes, pre-wax cleansers and lotions and aftercare so your skin is given the best care it can have. I will also need to know about any medication you may be taking, as this could affect how your skin reacts to the waxing, or may indeed prevent you from being waxed. Please try and remember to advise me of these things when booking your appointment. Don't worry if you forget anything though, as I will have a quick chat with you when you arrive and fill out a quick client/medical history card anyway.

Now, down to the waxing itself. If you are getting a Hollywood/Brazillian wax please be prepared to take your underwear off! There is nothing to be embarrassed about, believe me I have seen it all before, and my only aim is to give you the best waxing experience possible.

This one is just for the ladies. If booking an appointment during your period please be advised that it may feel a little more uncomfortable. Please wear a tampon rather than a pad, and it goes without saying, clean underwear!

It isn't a problem what clothing you turn up to your appointment in, but please ensure you have clean loose fitting clothing for afterwards. For those of you who are coming straight from work I can provide intimate wipes for a quick refresh before treatment.

Lastly, please be punctual for your appointment. If I have clients booked in straight after you and you are late, I may have to cut your appointment short. If you cannot make an appointment for whatever reason, please contact me as soon as possible.