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Male Waxing Prices

As Wakefields ONLY dedicated male waxing salon you can be assured of an amazing waxing experience. Again offering top to toe waxing, and everything in between! Popular male treatments are chest, BSC (back, sac and crack) and Brazilian/Manzilian.

Facial Waxing
Nostrils 8.00
Ears 8.00
Upper Body Waxing
Underarms (hot wax) 10.00
Forearms (inc elbows & hands) 20.00
Upper arms (inc elbows) 15.00
Full arms (inc hand) 30.00
Small of back 15.00
Full back & shoulders 30.00
Shoulders 15.00
Upper back & shoulders 20.00
Chest 20.00
Stomach 20.00
Chest & stomach 30.00
Hands 10.00
Lower body waxing
Lower legs (inc knees & feet) 20.00
Upper legs (inc knees) 25.00
Full leg (inc feet) 40.00
Full leg (inc crease) 50.00
Feet 8.00
Intimate waxing (hot wax)
Crease of the leg & blended 20.00
Pubic triangle removed 20.00
Butt cheeks 25.00
Butt crack 25.00
Butt cheeks & butt crack 35.00
Sac & penis 35.00
Sac, penis & pubic triangle removed (or butt crack) 45.00
Sac, penis, butt crack & pubic triangle removed 50.00
Sac, penis, butt crack, butt cheeks and pubic triangle removed 55.00
Sac, penis, butt crack, butt cheeks, pubic triangle and full back 80.00
Sac, penis, butt crack, butt cheeks, pubic triangle, chest & stomach 90.00
Full body waxing
Top to toe using hot & strip wax (excluding intimate) 105.00
Top to toe using hot & strip wax (including intimate) 120.00